Summer Power Skating
Who: All ages and skill levels

When: Tuesdays and Thursday 6pm-7pm

Where: The Gardens Ice House

Dates: 5/31 through 8/11 (no classes 7/5 and 7/7)

Cost:  $40 per session, $50 when registering same day as class

TCE is excited to announce the offering of our Advanced Power Skating Clinic through the summer, led by Coach Kate Kreyling.  This is an excellent opportunity for your player to continue their power skating development during the off season, as it best fits into your summer schedule.  Just as in the spring, we will be recording your player's performance metrics and provide feedback each month on their progress. To provide flexibility, we are offering each session to all ages and keeping the early bird pricing up until the day before the clinic session.  Walk on prices the "day of" a session will increase by $10.  Registration is now LIVE!  Please read on for all the details.
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Preseason Prep Camp - TCE '07-'09 ONLY
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