2024 Tri-City Eagles Spring Teams

Announcing Tri-City Spring Teams for 2024!!!

*See below for information on Youth Teams & Girls Teams powered by Matt Haney Hockey!!

Youth Teams


The Tri-City Eagles are very excited to announce the return of spring teams in 2024!!!  We are also excited to continue our association with Matt Haney Hockey for Girls spring teams!!!



Tri-City seeks to provide a fun, competitive environment for players to continue playing hockey through the spring months.  It is a great opportunity to continue skill development, make new friends, learn from new coaches, and stay active during the last few weeks of the school year.


We are looking forward to building on our advent season last spring.  Here is quick glance at our updates:


  • Assigned coaches
    • Last year, coaches rotated and moved around from team to team.
    • While this will still take place, each team will now have assigned coaches to facilitate the practice and game experience.
    • We like the flexible nature of rotating coaches, but also want to create a stronger leadership structure for each team, as well as relationship building between players and coaches.
  • Tournaments
    • Being our first spring team season, we did go through some growing pains with tournaments as some were canceled, full, and/or unable to provide the appropriate competitive level.
    • This year, we have already communicated with all our tournament selections to insure our inclusion.  While we cannot guarantee perfection, this is a big improvement from last year.
  • Tournament Flex Option (YOUTH ONLY)
    • Each assembled team will compete in 3 tournaments this spring.
    • Players offered roster sports will have the option to participate in either 2 of those tournaments or all 3, per the needs/wants of their particular family.
    • Registration for all 3 tournaments will be $800.
    • Registration for 2 tournaments will be $750.  Information on which two will be collected post tryouts.
  • Uniforms
    • Spring team uniforms are not included in registration fees and are an additional cost, however, we will be using the same uniforms as last year.
    • Therefore, players who participated last year may use last year's uniform again.  Numbers were recorded and are protected.
    • For Tri-City Eagles Spring Teams (YOUTH), uniforms include one jersey and one pair of socks.



  • There will be 6 practices, beginning May 1st and concluding June 5th.  Each practice is 80 minutes of length, for a total of 8 hours on ice. Practice lengths are elongated to minimize the number of weekly trips to the rink while still maintaining a competitive on-ice experience.




    • 1. Delaware Spring Thaw Tournament in Newark, Delaware on 4/19-21
    • 2. Cherry Blossom Tournament in Laurel, Maryland on 5/17-19
    • 3. Hershey Summer Sizzler Tournament in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania on 6/7-9




  • Team Registration = $750 for 2 Tournaments, $800 for 3 Tournaments
  • Uniforms are separate and not included in registration fee.


10U Information
12U Information
14U Information
16U Information
18U Information

Girls Teams in Association with Matt Haney Hockey


The Tri-City Eagles are very excited to continue our working partnership with Matt Haney Hockey!!!


Matt Haney Hockey will be providing programming for Girls Spring Team Hockey in 2024 as a way for players to continue their development path through team practices, tournament play, and the forging of new relationships.

For any questions regarding Matt Haney Hockey, please contact matt.haney@tricityeagles.com.



Tryouts will take place in April, time and dates vary depending on age group (see appropriate tab for details).


NOTE: Spring Team tryout placements are not an indication of placement for 2024-25 Travel Season tryouts.



  • There will be 6 practices on Thursdays, beginning May 2nd and concluding June 6th.  Each practice is 80 minutes of length, for a total of 8 hours on ice. Practice lengths are elongated to minimize the number of weekly trips to the rink while still maintaining a competitive on-ice experience.


  • Mini-Camp weekend on May 25-26, which includes both on and off ice activities.


  • Each team will play in the following 2 tournaments:


    • 1. Windy City Rumble Tournament in Chicago, Illinois on 5/3-5


    • 2. OneHockey Hershey Tournament in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania on 5/31-6/2




  • Tryouts = $60
  • Team Registration = $810 for 16U and 19U players, $450 for 14U players
  • (uniform is included in registration fee)


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16U Information
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