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Tri-City Eagles House Hockey


This year, the Tri-City House Program will be providing a more traditional in-house program that will focus on skill development, efficient competition, and, most importantly, fun. The goal is to provide an environment of growth for all involved.


- Open to players born in 2011 and younger.

- Two weekly on ice sessions at The Gardens Ice House from October through February (Tuesdays and Saturday)

- Development focused practice approach of station-based skill training and small area competition.

- Games are intra-program and cross/half ice.

  • Intra-program allows us to modify teams, creating a balance of challenge and fun.
  • Cross/half ice allows us to keep more players playing simultaneously with great amounts of activity.  Less standing around means more development.

- Registration is $800

This program seeks to create an efficient, effective, and fun playing environment for all to enjoy.  Our focus on high repetitions is key to the skill development of our growing players.  We believe that this program provides quality opportunity for those who seek a more competitive future while simultaneously providing all participants with what is most important: lots of fun.

For more information about the upcoming 2021-22 House season please contact:

Matt McLaughlin

House Hockey Director

House Hockey Director

Registration and Questions

You must be a member of USA Hockey prior to registration with the Tri-City Eagles.


CLICK HERE to register with USA Hockey now.

For those who potentially wish to experience our Youth and/or Girls Travel hockey programs in the future, it is highly recommended that you supplement your training with both in and off season lessons, clinics, and camps.

Speak with the House Hockey Director for more information.

House Hockey Director - Matt McLaughlin