Brighton Headed to Exclusive SE District Camp

Tri-City is very proud to announce that Ciaran Brighton has been selected to the 2021 Southeast District Camp.

Each spring, PVAHA hosts the Affiliate Player Development Tryouts which are the first step to being selected for the USA Hockey National Player Development Camps.  From the affiliate tryouts, PVAHA selects an exclusive group of players to send to the district camp.  Players then chosen from that district camp move on to the national development camps.

At PVAHA, Tier II players must be nominated by their club and then hand selected in a first round of tryouts amongst all other Tier II players.  From there, selected players join the final group comprised of all Tier 1 players.

Quite the process, and definitely one that makes it very difficult for a Tier II player to receive recognition, competing against many well known Tier I entities.  But that process did not stand in the way of Tri-City’s Ciaran Brighton of 14U Blue.  He was selected to represent PVAHA at the Southeast District Camp as one of only 24 players from all 2006 birth years in the entire affiliate.

“It’s a great honor to be nominated and represent the club in North Carolina. The whole experience feels like a dream,” admitted Brighton.

For Ciaran, it’s already been a hugely successful year playing with 14U Blue.  The team won the CBHL Championship, the Tier II PVAHA State Playoffs, and are headed to Dallas, Texas next week for the USA Hockey National Championships.  Brighton was a big piece of the puzzle, scoring 25 goals and adding 11 assists.  Statistics aside, Brighton is a hard working player that knows the importance of being a good teammate.

“He’s a natural leader,” said Hockey Director Rob Trantin.  “You never doubt Ciaran’s work ethic and that’s something that resonates with his teammates.  It all starts with respect.  Ciaran respects himself, his teammates, coaches, and the process.   We’re very excited that he’s earned this opportunity.”

Brighton also possesses two often underappreciated traits: humility and gratitude.

“I owe it to my teammates and coaches for pushing me to play at the highest level,” Ciaran acknowledged.  “It has been an amazing experience playing against some of the best players in the area, and I look forward to representing the club and my team at the Southeast Regionals.”

“Ciaran said it best.  The whole team shares in this accomplishment,” added Trantin.  “Ciaran’s opportunity is a reflection of all his teammates.  This is also a huge credit to Coach Clark Mowery and his staff who invested into each and every player, not just to make them better hockey players, but to make them better people.”

Congratulations, Ciaran and all of 14U Blue.  Good luck next week at USA Hockey Nationals!

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